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Today is World Toilet Day!

19 November 2014 1:52 PM
Marking this day as declared by the UN sheds the spotlight on sanitation and water shortages

Infrastructure, water shortages and sanitation back logs - things that make a UN-declared day such as World Toilet Day take a more serious tone, away from silly 'toilet' humour.

It is in light of this that 702's John Robbie decided to profile an organisation that seeks to address the world's sanitation needs - Enviro Loo, with MD Lance Joel:

The reality is that because some of us have been exposed to a flush toilet system, anything outside of that system is seen as not normal, but in our view, we see that quite differently.

Enviro Loo has been around for some time, having first gone into production in 1993 and has installed over 100 000 units in 52 countries around the world (including the Nigeria, Afghanistan, Australia, Israel and US), the system seems to be gaining traction in both the developing world and advanced economies. Joel unpacks the ways their work is socially beneficial:

Considering that water is becoming a scarce resource and then secondly that in many areas, bulk infrastructure like bulk water or sewerage systems will never be built and even where bulk infrastructure does exist such as urban areas, they are currently overloaded due to the demand.

What is an Enviro Loo and how does it work?

We use two elements - the sun and wind. It's process of dehydrating the solid matter and evaporating out the liquid waste matter. That's what the technology does and the system is used to fast-track that process. What emerges from this is a compost-like material that could be disposed of quite safely or used as a compost.

Enviro Loo MD, Lance Joel

Plans for the future of this progressive initiative?

Our key target market is really government, because they have a responsibility to deliver services for our people. We are also targeting the mining sector who have also taken over the responsibility of building houses. We are also targeting NGOs.

Enviro Loo MD, Lance Joel

Listen to the conversation in full below:

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This article first appeared on 702 : Today is World Toilet Day!

19 November 2014 1:52 PM